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Morton Salt’s Next Door Chef

It’s been a long time coming and I can FINALLY divulge about the super awesome experience I had at Morton Salt’s Next Door Chef event. Remember that sneak peek I gave a while back? Well now it’s time to spill the tea—literally.

Next Door Chef is a unique dining experience where a lucky person gets to have their home transformed into a beautiful restaurant, and prepare a full course meal with the assistance of a professional chef. Everyone meet Travis, Claire, and beautiful baby Indie.

While he makes a mean grilled cheese, Travis still has a lot to learn in the kitchen. Food has always served an important bond for the Nunn’s and brings their family and friends together. To acquire a lifelong skill he could share with Claire and his daughter Indie, Travis wanted to improve his cooking to showcase his love and appreciation for his family and friends.


To learn how he could upgrade his cooking through the proper use of salts, Morton paired Travis with Karl Worley of Biscuit Love restaurant. Located in the Gulch neighborhood of Nashville, Biscuit Love has been recognized as one of the best Southern brunches in the country. Together, they created a menu Travis could easily prepare as Morton transformed his home into a fully decorated pop-up restaurant dubbed “Indie’s Kitchen,”—named after Travis’s daughter—where they served an amazing meal that blew everyone away.

The Menu

• Morton Kosher Salt adds a gourmet touch to the dish. It’s the preferred salt of chefs because it’s easy to control which creates perfectly seasoned food. • Morton Coarse Sea Salt adds an artistic “pop” that you and your dinner guests can see and taste. The large crystals also provide contrasting texture. • Morton Fine Sea Salt is great for blending in all cooking. The fine salt crystals dissolve quickly, making them perfect for marinades, soups, sauces and dressings

Each meal was prepared with a different type of salt, and we learned how the right salt can enhance ANY meal.

• Lemon Spring Tea:
o Chef Karl Worley’s rationale: Morton Kosher Salt mellows out the bold, tart flavor from the natural lemon, giving the garnish a burst of fresh, sweet flavor.

• Pimento Cheese:
o Chef Karl Worley’s rationale: Morton Fine Sea Salt is perfect for precision and control, allowing you to evenly salt the pimento cheese. Using unsalted crackers and Morton Coarse Sea Salt gives the dish a nice “pop” when you bite into it.

• Salt Roasted Beet Salad:
o Chef Karl Worley’s rationale: Roasting the beets on a bed of Morton Kosher Salt allows for a better heat transfer in the oven and the salt will absorb much of the beet juice that could weep while roasting. The Morton Coarse Sea Salt gives a great salt crunch to the beets.

• Chicken Country Captain
o Chef Karl Worley’s rationale: The texture of kosher salt allows it to pierce the chicken, evenly distributing great flavor as it cooks.

• Biscuit Strawberry Shortcake:
Chef Karl Worley’s rationale: The combination of Morton Kosher Salt and sugar brine the strawberries and help coax out the juices, creating a flavorful sauce and enhancing the natural sugar of the fruit. Morton Kosher Salt on the biscuit tops counteracts the sweetness from the cream and strawberries.

I have to say this has been one of the coolest events I’ve ever attended and I’m so excited to put to use everything I learned. The video from this amazing experience finally aired and can be viewed here. For recipes, and tips on how to create your own “Next Door Chef” party visit


This post has been sponsored by Morton Salt. All opinions are 100% my own.
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