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National Wine Day!

Hip hip hooray its National Wine Day!!!!!

Ok i’ll cut the corny ish– but today really is one of my favorite days and I have a nice treat for you!


Yes, I have taken a few of my ultimate favorite snacks and paired them with my favorite wines. Now before I begin I have to keep it real: this isn’t about to be some fancy wine connoisseur certified situation. You know I love convenience, so this is literally a pour and sip party. Each pairing is also under $20 which is ballin’ on a budget certified! Now…lets begin!


Pair #1: Red Velvet Oreos with Apothic Crush Red Blend Wine


Pair #2: Goldfish crackers with Menage a Trois Pino Grigio

Pair#3: Lemon Oreo Thins with  Dublin Hatteras Red Muscadine

Pair#4: Little Debbie Zebra Cakes with Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc

All these pairings can be picked up at your local grocery store in one trip. You may think I’m childish for my snacks of choice but hey, my taste buds aren’t for everyone. Besides, once you place your pinky finger in the air, you automatically become royalty; I don’t know about you but I eat my Goldfish and Debbie cakes in style :).  If I inspired you, or if you have a go to pairing of your own, lets chat about it in the comments. Happy Pairings!!!!

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