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Malia Moore is a vibrant personality who let’s her zest for life shine through the experiences that she shares as the creator and contributor to LiaWentWhere. A southern girl with a passion to explore, Malia’s motto: eat life one bite at a time. From providing in-depth restaurant recommendations to her must-haves of the month, Malia is a go-to guide for what’s hot in Nashville and beyond. She dreams lives for the days where the nostalgia of her epic experiences will revel the next generation.

An appreciation of what you have will bring what you want. Malia fondly recalls early childhood memories of family road trips, which fueled her desire for adventure. She travels the world spreading her southern sparkle and making lasting connections, all while showing her readers exactly how to feed their inner foodie.

Malia is a member of the Nashville Food Bloggers and Black Bloggers United, in addition to being a City Insider for Urbaanite. She strongly feels that food is the thread that binds us as humans; it’s the universal language of the world that provides unique experiences each time.

When she is not sampling the best places to dine, you’ll find Malia sipping on cocktails with friends, getting active with fun do it yourself projects or experimenting in the kitchen to develop her own delectable creations.




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